Jiangdu Huaxing Pharmaceutical Chemical Products  Co., Ltd.
  BPV98 Tetramisole HCl
  BP05 Levamisole HCl
  Levamisole Base
  Cbloranfbenicol BP02
  Anti 3(dust-ladenfog preventive No.3)
  583 Stabilizer Photoyraphic grade
  Sodium benzenesulfinate
  Tetrazole-5 thione
  Aminoguanidine mordant
  583.Sodium salt

Jiangdu Huaxing Pharmaceutical Chemical Products Co., Ltd.is situated in Jiangdu, which is an old city of Jiangsu province. It enjoys a convenient transportation for it is close to Changjiang River in the south close to Shanghai in the east and close to famous city in the history--Yangzhou in the west.

Our company was established in 1966. Over years, guided by market and products, supported by technology we have successively developed chloramphenicol series, levamisol series and photosensitizing auxiliaries. Our company has become key enterprise in chemical industry for excellent product quality and complete service system.

Our company owns self-support import and export authority. Products exported are in accordance with British Pharmacopoeia, American Pharmacopoeia standard and won the trust of international market.

Wang Zhonghua, general manager and together with all our staff would like to take the opportunity of China entering the WTO by sending their best regards to all customers.

We will face the future with higher spirit, and more confidence.

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